Music Player


Listening to music is a very personal, portable experience. This is a concept app that plays on retro feelings and geometries.

The Challenge

Wearable design is quite challenging as the real estate is very little and the interface needs to be designed with the motion in mind.


I started by reading the Apple guide for WatchOS design, where I learned more about the safe areas of the grid for WatchOs and the possible gestures that the device allows. I then moved on to some mid-fidelity wireframes.

The branding was conceived as a retro, playful brand using a typical note symbol as headphones, with fluo colors and black background to enhance contrast.

The typographical choice has been simple. Apple guidelines recommend the use of SF Compact, which I employed for the body, and I used Exo, a contemporary futuristic typeface that matched the branding well.


Finally I moved on to the finalisation of a quick prototype in Figma, where gestures would be mimiced by dragging operations with some bounce effect, to keep that playfulness in the concept.

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