Ciao, I'm Maria.
A design

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Design Systems

I love creating and maintaining design systems, for work and personal use.

Design Process

The process is just as important as the outcome. It warrants thought and care.


It’s a tough job working in product design. There is no need to make it harder.

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Design Systems

Crisp UI

Crisp UI is a minimalist UI Kit available for free in Figma. It’s an atomic design system using geometric, modern typography, combined with impactful components and style choices.

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Design Process


Always challenging the hypothesis. Always looking for the real root cause.


Setting scope crystal clear. Prioritising each aspect of the problem


Researching new and established patterns. Sketching rough ideas for a quicker feedback cycle.


Validating all the key scenarios and delivering designs and documentation with obsessive attention to detail.


Product design may be your calling, but the key to a good career is understanding what truly motivates you. There are aspects of a given job that transcend roles, levels and company culture. Finding that spark within ourselves is the key to always staying focused and satisfied with the work we do.